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Few Tips to Black Friday SEO

Few Tips to Black Friday SEO

If you want to sell your products fast during this holiday season, you must be ready with your Black Friday SEO strategy. The season is, of course, still more than a month away. But it is wise to prepare from now because consumers are already flooding the internet searching for exciting deals.

Being prepared will enable you to take care of sales and delivery during rush hours. So, how do you start? What steps should you take to sell more of your merchandise? Black Friday SEO marketing doesn’t have to be difficult; our team at Warrington Web Design have put together some pretty straightforward tips for you to follow.

Keeping a live page

When you create a page especially for Black Friday, keep it live throughout the year. However, you should have it linked from another place, and the page must not be seen in your primary navigation. Keywords play an important role in SEO. Hence, keeping a page live leads to developing a firm control and connection for the ideal keywords.

Till the last of October, keep your page with a Q & A section with “long-tail keywords” relevant to Black Friday. But it should be linked from somewhere else and not in your navigation bar. On November’s arrival, your primary navigation bar can have the Black Friday page included.  Adding an impressive and colourful banner telling people about your merchandise, offers, and deals.

Create Periodic Content

Produce content during various seasons, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Your content can be blogs, images, infographics and videos. But create them in advance so that more people notice your brand, products and what you will offer.

You can also keep different types of guides that are useful all year round. People often get confused while shopping, so the guides can effectively take them through the customer journey. Black Friday sales happen both online and offline, while Cyber Monday takes place online. Hence, you must have separate pages for each one.

SEO links for Black Friday

SEO depends much on link building, and so you have to obtain links from various sources. If you want to rank higher than your rivals, you need to get as many links as possible. Good sources can be other websites, retailers and the latest publications.

Continue keeping your Black Friday or Cyber Monday pages.

Remember the “throughout the year” phrase if you feel tempted to remove the pages after the events. You can take down all other things related to the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales but keep the “keyword-related questions and answers section. These will continue to remain important for the SEO terms related to Black Friday.

Final Word

It can be quite challenging to manage everything with so much competition around. You might find it even more stressful if you don’t have much experience in the field.

However, there are many experts and SEO companies ready to help. So, if you have any difficulty performing the necessary tasks, hire their services, and your business will do great every Black Friday.



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