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What is an SSL Certificate?
What is an SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate?

Warrington Web Design have been working round the clock to implement SSL certificates onto our web design Warrington clients to ensure that their websites are safe and secure. Website owners are quickly realising the importance of having their websites protected but still there are a lot out there who do not properly understand what an SSL certificate is.

Warrington Web Design is here to inform those not familiar with what the SSL certificate is and hopefully dispel some myths surrounding the subject.

So What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate in short, is a form of data encryption software. This kind of software once attached to a web page ensures that any transactions, or actions made upon the page are encrypted and essentially safe. An SSL ensures completely safe browsing, no matter who or where your website is accessed from.

October- The Month of Safer Search Engines

October saw the roll out of Google’s newest policy regarding search engine optimisation. The update had been foreboded for a long time by Google but it wasn’t until October that the search engines decided to take militant action against unprotected websites.

Google changed their algorithms so that websites not utilising an SSL certificate will now be penalized and in turn slip down the search rankings. From an SEO point of view, not having an SSL is essentially a self destructive move. If you require help with your website’s SEO please contact our team of SEO experts in Warrington.

The Dreaded Warning Message

For unprotected websites, I am afraid there is even more bad news. Websites without proper SSL outfitting will not only be penalised in an SEO sense, they will now present a rather off putting warning message.

The warning message will inform visitors to your website about the current unsecure status it holds and has the potential to make visitors to your website think twice.

What Can Be Done?

When it comes to the SSL update, there is no way around it. Realistically, the only option that is available is to purchase and install an SSL onto your website. Having said this, it is still important that you enlist the help of a web design Warrington agency that knows how to appropriately take on the laborious and technical task of installing the SSL.

If you want to get your website equipped before it is too late, contact Warrington Web Design for a free chat about how to move forward and make your site safer.



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