Video Helps Increase Conversions

We live in an age of overstimulation. There’s a barrage of marketing messages on every media we lay our eyes on. The human brain processes moving images faster than text. Today, people are always in a hurry, and don’t have a lot of patience.

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your website’s visitors. Agreed, text plays a great role in SEO as well as communicating your message. But, who reads a lengthy wall of text? A graphic image or a photograph doesn’t communicate much.

Video is the ideal solution to communicate your message quickly.
Whether you are looking to redesign your website, or create a new website, be sure to consider having video on your website. After all, visitors watching a video of your product/service are 8 times more likely to convert.

Here are some ways our video web design Warrington team can use videos on your website.

Ecommerce Product Videos

When it comes to an online store, people can’t get a feel of the product. So, why not offer them a demo of your products. Our video web design Warrington agency specialises in creating product videos. The video could show people using your product, or you could have a video that demonstrates how to use your product.

The most intriguing part is that conversions spike when you have videos on products pages even if people don’t watch those videos. Just offering the option of watching a product video is sufficient.

Software Demo

If you offer software as a service (SaaS), video is extremely crucial for your business. Visitors may not read through a page full of the multitude of benefits that is typical of a SaaS product.

Complement your text with a video that explains the benefits of your software, its features, how it’s better than the others, and why the visitor must buy your product. This way, you can hook your visitors, and when they want to research further about your product, they can read through all the text.

Be sure to choose a good video web design Warrington team.

Homepages and Landing Pages

The traditional long form landing pages are not in vogue today. More and more businesses are opting for shorter landing pages. That goes to prove that people don’t have the time or the inclination to read through pages and pages of text.

So how can you convey all the information on a short landing page or your homepage? Yes, you guessed right. Videos!

Our video web design Warrington experts can help increase your conversions with a video on your homepage or landing page.

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