How Retail Apps are Helping Customers Shop Better

More and more shoppers in the UK are turning to their mobile devices for shopping. A report by IMRG, UK’s online retail industry association that has been in operation for over 20 years, revealed that 45% of UK’s total ecommerce traffic from February 2015 came from smartphones and tablets.

Retailers, realising this increasing shift of consumers towards mobile devices are working with mobile app development Warrington teams to deliver a fulfilling shopping experience to customers.
Here’s how retail apps benefit customers.

Removes the Stress of Shopping

With retail apps, shopping is a no-fuss task. Place orders, pay, and get the items delivered. Shoppers get the luxury of purchasing at their own pace and without the hassle of waiting at the checkout counter.

With app development Warrington companies focusing more on delivering good shopping experiences, shoppers are all the more benefitted with greater choices in products, ease of product location, more payment channels and seamless transactions.

Enhances In-Store Shopping Experience

Retail app development Warrington services are introducing applications that are managing to transform the experience of shoppers inside a brick-and-mortar store.

For example, some restaurants are using apps that allow their customers to make their payment through an online payment system such as PayPal without waiting for the staff to take the payment.

Retailers are also using apps that allow shoppers to pay at the spot immediately after buying a product. Another example is apps that help buyers locate a product inside a store.

Delivers Customer-Relevant Information

Retail app development Warrington teams are developing applications that deliver information based on customer’s purchase history at the outlet.

Information such as discount alerts, and product launch details, are delivered regularly, and specifically so, when the customer is in a nearby location.

Some retailers are using apps to invite customers to their brick-and-mortar stores by offering exclusive discounts.

Helps Develop Better Brand Relationships

Apps are making shopping more customer-centric. By keeping track of customer purchase behaviour, expanding product choices, offering rewards and relevant information, and making it easy for them to shop, apps are helping promote both in-app and in-store customer engagement. A good shopping experience builds customer loyalty for the brand.

Retailers are fast recognising the immense possibilities of retail apps, galvanising them into partnerships with mobile app development Warrington experts.

At Warrington web design, we understand not just the retail sector, but requirements of customers and retailers as well, which enables us to develop apps that deliver stunning user experience while helping you reach your goals.

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