YKK is probably one of those brands that everyone is wearing every day without knowing it (check your zip). YKK was founded in Tokyo in 1934 and can be found in 108 companies in over 72 counties. They are by far the biggest zip manufacturer on the planet and work alongside most of the biggest clothing brands on the planet. The company is a cross-continent supplier and therefore has multiple websites for their retrospective target markets. The team was lucky enough to be chosen to develop their European-based website.

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Keeping to the brand


This was a slightly different concept to most projects we normally work on as the brand was already incredibly strong and the challenge was not to enhance it be instead remain within it. The website is an eCommerce browse-only website. this type of styling was chosen over the traditional brochure website as it allowed us to create a bespoke design for the products whilst ensuring that the website remained easy for the client to use and add future product ranges too.

You can't keep our creativity down forever


So whilst this was a more challenging build for us to be able to put our creative spin on we have our ways. The team worked incredibly hard to ensure that we still incorporated some unique touches to the website which would intrigue and impress users. A nice one is the hover effect, on the homepage when you hover over one of the boxes the title gets underlined like a zip being done up. On the scroll bar for the news and events, we enhanced this and changed it into a zip with YKK on it which you use to un-zip more content. Most other elements were kept fairly simplistic to ensure we stuck to the corporate tone the client was looking to achieve.

Increases in size


With such a global client the main focus was that they would need to increase the pages count of the website on a fairly regular basis as they added more product ranges, amended specs, etc so we ensure that the website was built with this in mind and that the styling easily runs through the website to ensure the client can add their own pages easily whilst maintaining the styling.

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