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The team from fuel hub approached us just over two years ago now to redevelop their website. The previous website was a simple one-time purchase website that had a very mixed message branding style. Fuel hub is an online health food company that delivers healthy, nutritionally balanced chef-prepared meals directly to your door and therefore we wanted to portray the amazing quality of the food. The company is owned by a Rugby star and his partner, who wanted to develop their passion for healthy living and food. They understood that most professional families these days simply don’t have the time or desire when they get home from work to spend hours in the kitchen. Fuel Hub is for them. It’s for the professional person who wants to eat healthy amazing food without the focus just being on dieting or bulking.

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This project was a challenge as there was already some branding in place, like the logo, but nothing else really fit. We worked alongside the team at Fuel Hub to amend their colour scheme away from the traditional gym-based reds and blacks to incorporate a softer palette of colors with a blended green and a more gender-neutral image colour scheme. We undertook a full photoshoot with the client to create stunning visuals for the website and each dish to ensure that their clients could see the quality and diversity of the meals available. We also moved the client into a subscription-based model which has allowed them to grown the business fivefold over the last year. They are even looking at expanding in the near future which is great to hear.

Maintaining a Look


With the new branding and website, we were very careful to ensure that we maintained a set look for the company. There is a set colour palette for the company now which is used throughout their website, imagery, and all marketing platforms. This has allowed them to keep one m,marketing style and ensure that regardless of which platform a user is on they will know that it's the same company.

New features


The team at Fuel Hub is always looking to the future and has huge plans to develop the functionality of the website further. One key feature they are looking at is adding a choose your meal option to the website to replace the current form ordering. This would be a simpler way for a client to order and choose their weekly menu.

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