Bach 95

This was a great bespoke project that we were privileged to work on. The company was formed by two Sale Sharks Rugby players who have a passion for beer but wanted one without the calories or artificial ingredients. The team at WWD has worked with Bach 95 to create some sharp stand-out branding that showcases the ethos of the company whilst maintaining a cutting-edge look for the website and product in stores. Our team worked on the entire development from the logo to the product design, packaging, and website design.

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eCommerce Subscription Website


When researching similar websites from the industry and their business model we saw an opening in the market for our client to go down a subscription route to achieve monthly income. This has been a great addition to the website and has provided the client with a steady income from the website. We chose the styling of the company after researching new and upcoming beers from smaller breweries. The client had an idea that they wanted to keep with a gold and navy theme so we developed the website and branding in darker tones to compliment this.

The in the devils detail


Some of the features of the website include a simplistic hamburger menu for the main navigation of the website. This was chosen as it wouldn't distract from the stunning imagery of the website. As with any prohibited item, this website needed an over 18 gateway to enter the website. We have kept this simple so as not to distract potential buyers by making them complete lengthy forms. So smaller detail we love is that the cart has been changed to a beer can to showcase the website's individual feel.

Continued development


We are consistently working alongside the team at Bach 95 to make alternations to the website to ensure it remains to look fresh and inviting to their customers. We are also in the process of opening them up to new markets like Amazon, which will increase their sales 10 fold.

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