Our Review of the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo began its journey in the UK in October this year. With its range of features, the Amazon Echo is definitely more than a smart speaker. In addition to playing music, it acts on your voice commands to provide the required information and gets things done.

Here’s a quick look at how Echo fares at different levels.

Look and Appearance

With its height scaling 23.5cm and a diameter of 8.3cm, Echo is far from being diminutive. It comes in two colour options – black and white, which makes it a perfect aesthetic fit for any room.

A dotted-speaker grille can be seen in the lower portion of the device. The upper half is plain and matte-smooth. The Echo weighs a little more than a kilo (1064 grams). So, it can stand solidly on any surface, and can take light accidental knocks without becoming wobbly.

Voice Commands

The volume ring on the top of the device turns blue when Alexa, Echo’s Voice Service, is active. In this mode, the Alexa app identifies your voice, processes your language, understands your instructions, and executes necessary tasks swiftly and rapidly.

You can link your Echo with third party apps to improve its “skills”. The Amazon Echo supports nearly 3000 “skills” at present, according to Amazon.

You can instruct Alexa to set an alarm for the next day, get news and weather predictions, and get her to read an audiobook for you among other things.

Speaker and Sound

The Echo has a 2.5” woofer for deep bass sounds, and a 2.0” tweeter for high notes. This single woofer and tweeter configuration will be a disappointment if you are an audiophile or are a complete music enthusiast who’s interested in low, high, deep and detailed sounds. There is a volume-adjustment ring on the top, which turns red when muted.

The Verdict

When the Echo was launched more than a year ago, it was touted as the next big thing. It is proving to be so with its ambitions for becoming the best device for a connected home. Right now, it is the best connected home device that you can get your hands on.

Making the Most of Echo for Your Business

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