Is Soft Launch a Good Strategy for Your App?

You have worked with the best app development Warrington agency to create an app that you feel will succeed in the app market. But it’s always better to validate this before you launch it to your primary market.

After all, you need to be sure that you are entering the app market with a battle ready product that will bring high user acquisitions as well as retention rates.

A soft launch is a wonderful way to understand the pain points and success factors of your app. More importantly, it’s a great way to gather crucial data that you could use to improve your app or perhaps take another route altogether.

Here’s a look at some benefits of soft launching an app.


User Retention

According to Andrew Chen, a Silicon Valley analyst, close to 77% of apps are deleted within 3 days of download, while only 15% last over a month. To make an impression on this 15%, you must deliver a ton of value to your users. A soft launch will help you understand when users lose interest so you can make necessary adjustments to your app.

UX Insight

Optimising the user experience is a huge priority in app development. Ignore this and your app will very soon be the most deleted app.

Your soft launch is a great opportunity to connect with your real users and gain feedback about improving the user experience. Users will be willing to tell you things they like and don’t like about your app.

So be sure to open up communication with your users. They can really provide some great feedback to improve your app.

Validate Your Product

A soft launch will do one of two things. You will know that your app works. Or you will realise that it isn’t ready for your primary market yet. If your app has received a poor response during the soft launch, you will have lots of data and knowledge about improvements that your app requires.

By validating your product, you can better understand your commitment to the app – whether you want to stay in the same direction or shift to another.

A soft launch is the ultimate way to validate your app. You can identify pain points and bugs, gain user feedback, be prepared for your hard launch and have a good idea about the acceptance levels of your product.

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