The Start

Before Instruction

Before instruction and commencement of any retainer contract we have a market, research stage which allows us to agree deliverables with our clients. Thus, allowing us to create an accurate costing for their project. This is a one-off fee of £495 inc VAT. At the end of this stage, you will receive a detailed analysis of your market and your competitors. You will also receive our recommendations for your website page count etc and marketing with a costing for our 12-month retainer. We will conduct an initiation meeting with you to go through the market research and our recommendations and plan. This is your opportunity to ask any relevant questions and make any amendments to the plan meaning we have set deliverables before you enter into any retainer agreement with us.

The Relationship

What we do once instructed

Once instructed. We will start by developing your brand identity from your logo and font to detailed brand guidelines, which will be used throughout product design, website and marketing.

We will create a mood board for your brand and showcase different stylings that would work for your target audience. We will conduct a one-hour virtual meeting with you to go through the stylings and make a decision on the direction you would like to take.

Let’s get visual

Your Website Design

Then we will move onto the website design. We create all our websites via photoshop Wireframe designs with detailed information of why we have chosen elements etc and how they work. We will then submit these to you for seven days and book in a virtual meeting to go through the designs, features and functions so you can ask any questions and provide any thoughts you have. We will then finalise the designs and submitted them to you for final approval within seven days. This stage of the process will take four weeks.

Lets Launch

Final Website Testing

We will then put your website live on our servers and conduct the final setup and testing. We ensure all images are optimised for web and the website has been tested for speed efficiency. Whilst we are doing this there will be a website coming soon page over the website so your clients cannot see the website whilst we conduct the final tests. This stage of the process will take one week.

Time to get seen


Once live, this is where the Marketing team will step in and start implementing the marketing plan. We have Press Releases scheduled to announce the launch of the website within month one of it going live. This will feature in at least three relevant publications.

From week one we will also be continuing to add content to the new website to start your Search Engine Optimisation plan. We will also be starting to add links to the website and increase your websites Domain Authority.

Lets improve


You will receive quarterly reports from the date the website has gone live. This will showcase the monthly heat mapping and google analytics and amendments made in accordance with the same.

We will detail all work undertaken and provide links to any publications, where appropriate. You will also then receive our plan for the next three months. We will go through this with you via a virtual or our premises-based meeting.

Commited to you

Ongoing Relationship

We don’t want to just set you up and wave you into the distance we want to work with you to achieve and develop you goals long term. At the end of quarter three we will produce our recommendations for the next 12 months and agree a new strategy with you for and implement the next 12-month retainer.