What Does Hosting Mean?

As a web design company in Warrington, most of our customers are small business owners building their first website. Most of them are new to the world of web design and hosting. One of the many questions our clients commonly ask is, “what is website hosting?”

What is Web Hosting? A Web Design Company In Warrington Explain

Say you are hosting a party tonight. What’s the first thing you’ll need? A space to organise your party! It could be your home or perhaps you may hire a banquet hall. You’ll also need to organise for food and games to have a successful party. So that’s what’s involved when you’re hosting a party.

Hosting a party is quite similar. The web host (it could be your website design company Warrington or a dedicated hosting service) provides the server (the space) that’s required to host your website. That’s what hosting means.

The server that your website lives on is usually a huge computer that’s highly complex. It runs millions of routines for every website every day and provides backups, delivers emails, processes forms and several other tasks.

Your web hosting service is in charge ensuring everything runs smoothly, your website stays live all the time, prevent any issues from coming up and tackling all related challenges as they arise.

So when users type up your domain name, their computer connects to the hosting service provider’s servers and your website loads up on their Internet browser. 

Where Should I Host My Website?

The next question that pops up usually is, “where should I host my website?”

As your web design company in Warrington, we offer superfast and highly reliable hosting service at affordable prices.

Simply choose the website design package of your choice and we will offer you a domain name, professional email address and a stunning website. We will also host it for you for a flat low price of £10 + VAT.

This way, you won’t have to go searching for a good hosting service. Everything is covered for you right under one roof.

What’s Next?

Now that you understand what it means to host a website and what a hosting service means, it’s time to hire a reliable web design company in Warrington to build a gorgeous website for you.

At Warrington Web Design, we specialise in small business websites. We deliver a solution for every budget and deliver a solution that works for you.

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