Web Design Usability Plays A Crucial part in Your Website’s Success

What does usability mean in the context of your web design project? It refers to the way your visitors interact with your website. Navigation, colour scheme and fonts are the simplest examples of usability for a web design Warrington agency. If any of these aspects are poor, it results in poor usability. If your website offers your visitors poor visibility, they will be bouncing off your website as soon as they land.

So before you get excited about your bespoke web design project, be sure to understand the difference between good usability and poor usability. As your Web Design Warrington agency, we can design a stunning, user friendly website that delivers results.


How to Make Your Website Usable? – Web Design Warrington Guide

Good usability will mean that your users will stay for a longer period on your website. The longer they stay, the more buttons on your website will they click. The more they click, the greater the opportunity to convert.

So the very first thing to do is to avoid infinite scrolling. Unless you are a news website, avoid infinite scrolling. No one likes reading on and on. The decision to click or not has to be with the reader. That’s the cornerstone of good usability.

Avoid placing mandatory pop ups and ads. No one likes staying on a website that offers more in terms of promotions than content.

Usability Equals Promotion

The more usable your website, the easier you are making for the visitor to make decisions. If you are an ecommerce store, finding a product should be easy and intuitive. No one would have to Google where to find something on your site.

Make sure your website’s navigation is self explanatory and easy to use.

If you believe your website is soon becoming a complex web of pages, why not add an FAQ section so users can find answers to the most common questions. Don’t make your visitors run through multiple pages to get where they want to.

Design for Humans

Sure, you are excited about your website and want to put in all the best features and elements that are trending. Pause for a moment and think about the human user. Why is he visiting your website?

Sure, he may be impressed by your magical design, but that will only pique his interest. If you have to retain your visitors for longer time, you need to make their life easy. Flashy design, slow load times and flashy Java are not going to do it.

Get to the Point

Be sure to avoid putting the visitors through unnecessary clicks. Don’t make them click three buttons to get to a page that they could reach in one click. Work with your web design agency to create a website that puts user experience above everything else. Everything else is just detail.

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