Top 10 Plugins for Woo Commerce 

With more than 16 million downloads, WooCommerce is by far the most popular ecommerce platform. The core plugin is a great kit to begin with, but isn’t enough if you want to leverage your ecommerce store. To make the most of it, you need to enhance Woo Commerce by way of add on plugins and extensions with a web design Warrington team.

Today, our web design Warrington team looks at the top 10 plugins for Wood Commerce.



This nifty plugin sends real time push notifications when you receive new orders, when you are low on stock, or out of stock and other inventory related information.

Accepted Payment Methods – A Web Design Warrington Favourite

This plugin makes it easy to display the payment methods you accept on your ecommerce website. It will add a logo that shows all the payment options available to your customers.

Woo Commerce Product Gift Wrap

Want to offer your customers the option of gift wrap? This little WordPress plugin will help you add this function to your Woo Commerce website. You can even set up your extra charge for this add-on service.

Woo Commerce CSV Importer

Your Woo Commerce based WordPress website does not allow you to import a list of products. Now you can do it using this simple CSV importer.

Woo Commerce Store Exporter

What about those times when you want to export your product list? This list could be used to update your prices, discount offers and even shipping class.

Product Zoom

Product zoom is an essential option that every ecommerce website must offer. A zoom option gives customers a better view of your product so they can make up their mind. This plugin is easy to use and fully optimised for mobile devices.

Woo Commerce Direct Checkout

Sometimes, customers simply are not in the mood to click too many times to checkout. The standard process for a WooCommerce checkout takes at least 4 pages. However, if you can streamline it for those customers who’d prefer a faster checkout, it can make a huge difference to your sales. This plugin can help the user checkout from the product page.

Woo Commerce Menu Cart

This plugin adds a shopping cart button to your menu. This makes the shopping cart highly accessible no matter which page the customer is on.

Woo Commerce MailChimp

Collecting email addresses is the easiest way to build your database. Do it with the WooCommerce MailChimp plugin which is perhaps the best plugin for doing so.


This plugin adds a variety of features including add to cart labels, price converter, mini cart and more.

In Conclusion

There you go. That’s our list of top 10 Woo Commerce plugins. Of course, there are several more that can enhance the functionality of your ecommerce website by a great deal. Whether you are looking to build a new ecommerce website or need help updating your current website, contact Warrington Web Design today. As your web design agency in Warrington, we can craft a bespoke website for your requirements.