Review of PS4

When you talk about things changing at a really fast pace, you can’t help noticing that the PlayStation 4 is already here. Since its 2013 launch, a lot has improved in not just the way the gaming console looks but also how the PS4 handles media and HDR games. The PS4 Pro is finally available and you should know why gaming fans are making a beeline to the stores or ordering online. Here is a review of PS4.

UK Pricing and Availability

Post its initial launch on 10 November, 2016, the PlayStation 4 Pro is now available in the UK at a price of £349. This is £100 more than the price of the redesigned standard PS4. You can also find online bargains for as less as £332 on Amazon or Tesco.


The design has definitely been given a thought this time. It is elegant and sleek. It is not angular but has more curved edges as compared to the earlier designs. In terms of size, it is 20mm wider than the console in its launch phase. The latest one measures 295 x 55 x 327mm. The new design is also heavier at 3.3kg.

There are some subtle changes to the console to. Sony has improved upon the use of PlayStation symbols – Square, Triangle, Circle and Cross, which are now used as feet at the bottom of the console. The eject button is now also a physical button. So, the earlier issue of accidental disc ejection is now solved.


There is an extra USB 3.0 port provided at the rear of the console. There is also the Optical Audio Output in the PS4 Pro which is not part of the PS4. The HDMI port has also been upgraded to HDMI 2.0. This facilitates a 4K output.

What Else is New?

There is the new DualShock 4 controller. It comes with a mini lightbar on the touch-sensitive panel. Storage now is upped to 1TB on offer. The clock speed is now upped to 911MHz from the earlier 800MHz.

You can now also play the PS4 games while being away from the console. You can use the PS Vita and Xperia smartphones and tablets for remote play.


As is usual with every PS4 review, it is the PlayStation Pro that right now rules over any other gaming device. With Sony constantly innovating and making additions to PlayStation gaming, it is just a matter of time before you upgrade. For App Development contact the team at Warrington Web Design on 01925 552 050.