Review of Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 2 is the second generation smartwatch from Apple and is a perfect companion for you iPhone. The new series focuses more on fitness, what with its features now GPS compatible to track runs and cycling sessions. However, there is more to the Apple Watch than mere additions to its basic design. Here is an Apple Watch review to find out more.


This is one of the sleekest watches you will ever wear. A great looking one at that! The Apple Watch comes in stainless steel and is paired with a leather or metal strap. This wrist-computer is square, classy and opulent.

The new Apple Watch is thicker than the original version. The watch is available in aluminium version also and in a super new ceramic avatar as well. You can also have new strap choices such as woven nylon among others.


The watch functions as a watch and can be customised with Complications which are small widgets to get your favourite apps on the screen. Though Apple still needs to think about how to deal with multiple Notifications on the screen at the same time, there is no issue in dealing with the Notifications and you can read, dismiss or deal with them as you deem fit.

Responding to contacts, notifications and getting social media updates even without your phone got easier with the Apple Watch. This review of Apple Watch can just go on and on about the new features this Apple device holds. A pretty audible ping or a gentle buzz tells you when notifications come and you cannot miss out on any information.

With the Apple Messages app, you can now use emojis, add a new Scribble feature that allows you to draw out letters individually with your fingers.

Think apps and you will find nothing better than the Apple Watch that has such a varied collection of apps.

Activity Tracking

The Activity Tracking feature of the Apple Watch 2 remains mostly unchanged from its earlier version. The Activity app has its 3 rings for Move, Exercise and Stand. Running, swimming, heart rate count are regular features this time round too.


The Apple Watch review can just go on and on about how much useful the new Apple Watch is. It is a very useful and feature-filled gadget that serves its purpose and more. Here is one more Apple promise that delivers and how!

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