Professional Web Design Guidance

If you are building a new site or redesigning your existing website, it’s easy to lose your way and get all gung-ho about the aesthetics. However, if you are looking for a website that helps achieve a goal (say lead generation, brand visibility etc.), your focus should be on better things than how the site looks.

The designers at Warrington Web Design have put together a brief guide for building a professional website.

Simple Design

Sure, the look and feel of your website are crucial. However, most visitors are not landing on your site to judge how cool the design is. They are on your site because they are looking for some specific information or take some action (contact you).

So make sure to avoid any design element that’s not necessary, which in fact, may make it even more difficult for your visitors to find what they came for. At Warrington Web Design, here’s what we suggest:

  • Avoid using too many colours.
  • Use graphics only if they aid visitors in completing an action.
  • Use typefaces that are legible.

Easy Navigation

An intuitive, easy navigation is important to ensure your visitors are able to find the information they’re after. In fact, your visitors shouldn’t have to think what to do next after they land on your site. Moving from one page to another should be hassle free.

  • Keep the structure of your main navigation simple.
  • Include a search box at the top of your site.
  • Include navigation in the site’s footer.
  • Avoid including too many navigation options on any page
  • Avoid deep navigation. Any more than 3 levels deep and you are at the risk of confusing your visitors.


An important part of a professional web design is credibility. It refers to the level of trust your website conveys. The best way to build credibility is to present information about your products/services in an honest manner.

Another way you can build credibility is by including testimonials. You can also include logos of associations your business is accredited with. Another idea is to include logos of some of your big brand customers.

Be Conventional

There are some web design conventions that web users have become accustomed to. These include:

  • Main navigation at the top of the page
  • Logo on the top left/centre of the page
  • Links change in appearance/colour when hovered upon
  • Being able to click on logos to take visitors back to the homepage

Sticking to conventions builds a professional image, helps enhance the user experience and also builds your credibility.

Warrington Web Design Can Help

Warrington Web Design can build a professional, stunning and user-friendly website that will convert your visitors. Contact us today to discuss your web design project.