Our Review of the Xbox One

The original Xbox One from Microsoft, which debuted in 2013, received severe criticism. It was relaunched with upgrades in 2016. The latest variant of Xbox is far better than the original, but needs further improvement to deliver that raw gaming experience for ardent game lovers.

Look and Design

The Xbox One is one huge console. A portion of the top surface of the Console is matte-smooth while the other portion features an angular-line design. Also part of the design upgrade are a generous CPU heatsink, fan and an exhaust vent, all of which work together to ensure that the console doesn’t end up overheating after a session of some heavy duty gaming.

Input/Output Sharing

The Xbox One has ports on the rear and to the left. There are 2 ports for HDMI connection. One of these ports enables you to route gaming output to a television.

The other port makes it easy to receive video inputs from an external device such as a television set-top box. The HDMI connection works well for televisions and set-top boxes, but scores low in performance when connected to a PC.


The Controller is similar to that of Xbox 360 except for the start and select buttons, which now control menu and multi-tasking options, respectively. The design ensures a firm grip for the user.

Another striking modification is the battery compartment, which now resides inside the controller rather than being an external projection as was the case with Xbox 360.


The interface is highly user-friendly. A row of easily-visible menu options greet you on the top of the screen. Navigating through the menu options is a breeze. The Console is quick to launch and responds pretty quickly when switching between different actions including live games, videos and Xbox store.

The Verdict

The Xbox One is an exciting gaming console. Whether you are a gaming-crazy geek, a gaming enthusiast, or a beginner, the Xbox One offers something for everyone.

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