New WordPress Web Design Trends

Our web design company in Warrington team believe, as the expectations of Internet users evolve, web design trends evolve too. Whether a trend is old origin or new, some fade out into oblivion while some steal the limelight. With several web design trends popping up every day, it can become difficult to decide which trend to stick with for your WordPress website.

As a leading web design company in Warrington, we pride ourselves on crafting websites that are ahead of time. Here’s a look at some of the latest WordPress web design trends.

Large Typography

This is the latest WordPress web design trend that’s looming large in 2017. With a huge shift in the screen size of devices, many websites are making use of large typography. Going by the number of websites turning to large typography, this is a trend that’s here to say.

Video Headers

WordPress launches new default theme every year. The 2017 theme, titled Twenty Seventeen, features a video header. That is a clear harbinger of a new trend and we are going to see more and more web design companies in Warrington adopting video headers.

Mobile-First Designs

Today, a lot more people use mobile devices to browse the Internet than desktop devices. In fact, a report shows that Internet usage on mobile devices is higher than on desktops.

Given that Google wants website owners to build mobile friendly websites, this is a trend in the right direction. In 2017, mobile-first themes and designs for WordPress will take centre stage. Being responsive and mobile friendly is just the start. A mobile-first website can deliver maximum advantage to you.


A lot of websites today are making use of double toned graphics and background images.

A duo-tone picture is created by layering a specific colour over a greyscale image. The result is a retro, visually stunning and instantly appealing picture.

Bright Colour Schemes – Top Tip From A Web Design Company In Warrington

As a web design company in Warrington, we see a lot of adoption for bright and bold colour schemes. More and more web design agencies are playing with colours to come up with creative schemes and designs.

Autoplay Video

Autoplay videos are in vogue, and users are slowly yet surely adapting to this trend. If you want to use autoplay videos in your WordPress website, seek the help of your web design company in Warrington. We can build a stunning WordPress website featuring autoplay videos in a way that would engage the audience rather than annoy them.

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