Logo Design – A Look at the Process

Crafting a logo from the ground up is a highly complex creative process. It takes a ton of research from a branding Warrington agency, in-depth insight about your business and the target audience as well as careful attention to the principles of logo design.

Choosing the right branding Warrington service is crucial when you want a logo that everyone will fall in love with. Here’s a look at the typical process of logo design that a brand Warrington agency would follow.

Step 1 – Know Your Business – A Guide From A Branding Warrington Agency

The very first thing a professional branding Warrington team will do is, get to know your business, industry, and your target audience in depth.
This is a two step process. The branding Warrington agency will first look to glean information about what you do, what you think about your business, and your target audience. The next step is to translate this information.

For example, if you are a construction company, and you want to highlight the fact that you are a family run business, our job is to translate that intangible idea into something tangible – to capture the soul of your company.

This initial step helps the branding Warrington experts in differentiating your business from your competition.

Step 2 – Sketch and Create

Your branding Warrington team will now work on creating the first draft of your logo design. The number of ideas they deliver may vary from agency to agency. Here at Blue Whale Media, we present two or three ideas. Any more designs, and it may confuse you and may also end up increasing your bill.

Step 3 – Revision

The next stage is to pick one idea and tweak it and give final touches. It could be a change in colour or font or it could be a simple change. Your branding Warrington has already created a design based on an in-depth discussion with you and an in-depth research about your industry. So, this takes a lot of confusion and guess work away from the situation.

Step 4 – Final Deliverable

Once your logo is done, the branding Warrington agency will organise your final deliverable in a format and iterations necessary for your purposes. For example, a restaurant may want a logo on their menu and signboards. An ecommerce business may need their logo to work on their website as well as on tshirts of their delivery team.

Choose the right branding Warrington agency for a logo that your target audience can connect with.

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