Google AdWords and the Upcoming Changes

Google recently announced some changes at its annually-held event – Google Performance Summit – for businesses using its AdWords and Google Analytics services. These updates could help your online marketing Warrington agency to discover newer possibilities and valuable opportunities for your business.

Here are the changes that you can look forward to in the coming months:

Google Maps to Display Ads

Local ads will now find space directly on Google Maps. Ads will appear within Google Maps, on the surface. Clicking on the advert would route users to a mobile format of the business’ inventory. This update will be implemented across all Google device platforms – web, app and desktop versions.

Use of Promoted Pins for Paid Adverts on Google Maps

Paid business listings will appear as a bulb-shaped pin on Google Maps. As users search for a destination on Google Maps, location-based adverts pop up accordingly. Below the map, users will find store location details.

Advertisers will also be able to list details about any in-store promotions or add a search option to enable users find desired products at the store.

Your online marketing Warrington agency can utilise this feature to facilitate more qualified traffic.

More Number of Characters for Text Ads

This means more ad space for your online marketing Warrington experts to take advantage of! You’ll soon be able to create two 30-character headlines as against the existing one 25-character headline, for your text adverts.

Permissible character length for ad descriptions has also been increased to a single 80-character line from the existing two 35-character description.

Introduction of Responsive Adverts With Our Online Marketing Warrington Team

With a responsive design, your adverts will adjust themselves to the websites or apps within the GDN (Google Distribution Network) on which they are displayed. Google will need advertisers’ URL, image, headlines and description, to implement this feature.

Improved In-Store Conversion Tracking

Using location-based details of the information seeker, Google will be able to tell if the user turned into your customer.

More Advertiser-Oriented Device Bidding

You’ll now be able choose a device (desktop, tablets, mobiles) that you want to specifically target for your business and assign a base bid to it. Other bids can then be adjusted among other devices.

An expert online marketing Warrington partner that keeps abreast with developments in the highly dynamic world of online search is valuable to your business. At Warrington web design, our search experts understand your marketing requirements and map it with current online search trends to deliver actionable results.

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