Business Blogging Helps Generate Traffic to Your Website

As small business website experts, our blogging Warrington team recommends all of our clients to invest in a regular business blog. One question many of our customers ask is “what are the benefits of blogging for my business?”

The number one benefit of business blogging is that it helps bring in some high quality traffic to your website. If you find it difficult to update your business blog on a regular basis, simply hire our blogging Warrington experts to do it for you.

Ways of Generating Traffic With A Blogging Warrington Team

What are the different ways people can get to your website?

• They can simply look up Google and type in your business name in the search box. Poof! And they can reach your website. But that’s only counting the people who already know about you – your existing customers. So this is not effectively sending new traffic to your website, is it?

• You could buy email lists, and blast a marketing message. This is not only expensive but illegal too. So you don’t want to do something that may work against you.

• You may place a ton of paid ads (PPC), which is a very legal method, but a highly expensive strategy. So what happens when you have exhausted your PPC budget? Traffic dries up instantly.

• Have an active presence on social media to drive traffic to your website.

Blogging, the Inexpensive Solution

So in essence, you can either generate traffic via organic search or through paid ads. Now consider the number of pages on your website. There’s probably not a lot. So you can’t really update those same pages again and again, can you?

Blogging is the solution for generating organic traffic to your website without breaking your bank, quite literally.

When you publish a blog post (hire a blogging Warrington expert if you can’t find the time), you in effect have another page from your website indexed by the search engines.

You are essentially hinting at Google that your website is active and updated. The more regularly you blog, the more updated your website in the eyes of the search engines, and the more relevant you are for your target keywords.

Go Social

Your blog posts can also help with your social media presence. Instead of coming up new content for social media, you can share the link to your blog posts on your social media channels.

You are not only enhancing your social reach, but sending bringing new traffic through the social platforms.

At Warrington web design, we take the burden of managing and updating your business blog. Our blogging Warrington team has the expertise to help you establish your industry expertise without you having to take time from the core functions of your business.

Let our blogging Warrington experts take care of it for you.

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