5 Best Features of Apple Mac OS X Panther

Mac OS X Panther is an advanced operating system for desktop Apple’s desktop computers and servers. The Panther OS was launched in 2003, and the operating system received its last update in April 2005. Panther packs in several powerful features that ensure a great experience for users. Here are some of the best features the Warrington web design team like:

Fast User Switching

One of the highlights of Panther, faster user switching allows multiple users to login and manage their screens, simultaneously. Users need not close their applications while switching logins. This makes it easier for users to have their customised screens running when they get back to their work, saving time on tasks.    

Exposé – A Warrington Web Design Favourite

Exposé makes window management easier on users’ desktops. This feature makes working on multiple windows easier by reducing the size of active windows, and creating more screen space for users to work on. Users need to specify the windows that need to be managed while enabling Exposé.


FileValult ensures greater security for files stored in the Home folder. Use of 128-bit encryption methods and latest security technologies makes FileVault highly efficient. Business servers, which hold crucial company and customer information can experience greater data safety with this high-end security feature.


Apple claims Preview to be the fastest PDF reader in the world. This feature makes search within a PDF file superfast even if the number of pages is too many. Preview gives a clear view of text and images within the PDF file. The quality of a Preview printout is equally rich.

Greater Performance

Panther has been designed to deliver a faster performance. Be it working on the system or browsing the internet, everything is faster with Panther. The operating system makes for a fantastic media viewing experience. Be it high-end videos or animations, watching them using Panther is a fast, seamless and hiccup-free experience for users.

Apple Mac OS X Panther has many winning features to create a WOW experience for users. As a business owner, you can tap into these features to create a fantastic brand experience for your prospects and customers.

Create informative and fun videos and podcasts on your products or services; include impressive image-based text on your website; and feature case studies in rich PDF formats. Increase, and encourage more, audiences’ engagement with your website this way.

A professional Warrington web design company specialising in web design, content services, and video and animation production, can help you make the most of Apple’s Mac OS X Panther.