4 Digital Trends to Expect in 2017 and Why You Need to Prepare for Them Right Away

Whether you are launching a new website or are redesigning an existing website, there are some exciting trends in 2017 that you must look out for and prepare for. Our web design Warrington team believe the year 2017 is all about visitor engagement and user experience.

Of course, the visual appeal of a website does have a place but not at the cost of user experience. Our web design Warrington team takes a look at 4 important digital trends to expect in 2017.

CRO is Critical

CRO, short for conversion rate optimisation, is all about leverage analytics and user feedback to enhance the function and efficiency of your website. If your conversions are not as high as you expect them to be, it’s important to pay attention to CRO.

So the first step to implementing CRO is to identify the flaws that are affecting conversions. You could talk to a professional web design Warrington agency for help. However, here are some things you could do:

  • Place call to action (CTA) buttons
  • Put a video on the homepage to grab your visitors’ attention and engage them.
  • Use PPC remarketing to target visitors who left without taking action to improve your conversions.

The Year of Mobile Domination – A Guide From Our Web Design Warrington Team

Over the last couple of years, mobile overtook desktop when it comes to media consumption. In 2017, mobile will take centre stage and leave desktops far behind. Research suggests that people are now spending more time on mobile than on desktops.

That’s a clear sign that mobile is the future, and future is already here. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are missing on out a huge chunk of prospective customers. Hire a web design Warrington agency today to get a mobile responsive website.

The Growth of Video Advertising

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter brought out video ads in 2016, and they’re here to stay. With auto play functionality that will lure you in, video advertising is a great way to put your point across to a huge mass of audience quickly, easily and affordably.

Now is the right time to begin your journey into video advertising. Produce high-quality videos to attract your audience and see your reach, visibility and revenues grow.

Growing Popularity of Wearable Tech

2016 saw a plethora of wearable tech being launched, and 2017 will only see a huge spike. Now is the right time to prepare for wearable tech such as the smart watch. Why? Because we are still in the nascent stage and the possibilities are simply limitless including payments.

It’s being predicted that the year 2017 will see more than 250 million wearables in use. That’s a huge opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Contact Warrington Web Design today to leverage these digital trends to your advantage.